Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Feeling "posimistic"

Yesterday I got back all my documents I had sent for apostille, and sent them right out to join the others in my dossier, which will now be ready to go to the consulate. Since, from what I understand, the suspension has now been lifted, it looks more likely that my dossier will be processed and sent on its way overseas. In the same mail delivery, I also got a bundle of letters from Borya, with photos! Of course, I'll have to ask our Russian-speaking friend to translate them for us before I will know what Borya wrote to me, but it was so nice to see his handwriting, and the pictures of him.

On the downside, I still haven't received the one letter I'm waiting for from the Dept of Public Welfare, but I have been promised I will receive it soon. Once I get that, and get it notarized/apostilled, that will be the last of the documents. Things are finally beginning to look up!

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