Monday, July 7, 2008

Sad news ....

Learned from my coordinator today that Borya was never placed on the database. Kazakh orphans have to be on this database for six months before they are legally free for adoption. So even if, miracle of miracles, the MFA decided to reverse their decision and grant me permission to adopt Borya, it can't happen now for six more months. So a boy that I met 5 years ago next month, reconnected with 2 1/2 years ago, and began adoption proceedings for nearly a year ago, will have to wait till at least January of 2009 before we could
possibly adopt him. He will then be nearly 14 yrs old, and I met him when he was 8. wrong ....with this picture?!


Lori & Dart said...

Heartbreaking news, most of all for dear Borya. You are all in our thoughts.

Mary Birdsong said...

hey anne-
i am sending u a hug, because i know how disappointed u must be. and i'm going to hold fast to the belief that if borya is meant to be with you, then nothing will be able to stop that from coming to pass.
and even though i know it is not the same thing (for him OR for you) don't forget how incredibly lucky and blessed he is to know there is this amazing mama in the US who is loving him. most kids there don't even have THAT to cling to. at least he knows that somebody wonderful thinks he is wonderful too. u rock.

love u!


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