Monday, October 27, 2008


Well, folks, the Eagle has landed. Or Air Astana Flt 301 has, anyhow. We are in Ust, baby! Even though this is my second go 'round, I still can't get over how long the whole trip takes just getting here, let alone all the time for the actual adoption process.

We got off to the airport fine, dropping off the kids at Boomer's with Granny Caggy while PawPaw took us on to Philly. There were some tears, to be sure, but overall I, err, the kids, handled it OK. When we got into the Almaty Airport at about 1 in the morning the next day, we couldn't believe all that had changed in five years! It was a pleasure to go through customs and get our baggage. The Hotel Kazhol has also had its share of changes, and will henceforth be known to me as the Kazhol instead of the Kaz Hole. We were a few kilos overweight (well, our luggage was) at the Almaty Airport, but the charges weren't too bad. Our flight to Ust was delayed over 2 hours, but we finally arrived and now sit comfortably in the Shiny River Hotel. We left Philly at 6pm Sat and arrived at our hotel in Ust at 5pm Mon. Whew!

We get to see Borya tomorrow at 2pm. Can't wait! Will post more after that.

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