Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 11

Bella brought her laptop along on our visit today. There's a thing on it where you can take pictures of your face all distorted, like with only one eye or a huge forehead and tiny mouth, etc. Borya and Julia were laughing so hard at all the crazy pictures they were taking. You can also make mini movies on it, which Borya loved b/c he wants to make movies when he grows up (Aunt Mary, can you get him connected?).

Bella's been really good on this trip. Right now she's watching Drake and Josh in Russian on TV. It's fun trying to figure out what they're saying. I taught her how to crochet, so that's something we can do to pass the time. She's finished most of the homework that she brought with her, and she's done a 550 piece puzzle a couple times, but she never really sems bored. She misses her brothers and sister back home, but she's having a great time playing with her new brother and sister here, even though it's only two hours a day.

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