Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 20, same ol', same ol' .....

Put your hands to the crystal ball, let your eyes glaze over, and try to guess what we did today.......Wow, you must be some kind of mystic, how did you know that we:
1)woke up at 7am
2)received our call from the kids back home
3)got showered and dressed
4)went to breakfast at the hotel restaurant
5)went to the orphanage to visit with Julia
6)hung out at our hotel room for a bit
7)walked around town for a mid-day meal and a quick trip to Daniel's
8)hung out in our hotel room for the rest of the afternoon/evening doing homework, reading, and watching Russian cartoons
9)got ready for bed at 9pm

Oh my gosh, I can't even get to 10. That's pathetic.

We didn't do step 7 yesterday b/c it was snowing all day. Thought today's weather was better suited for walking. The weather wasn't a problem, but the street conditions were. Slightly warmer than freezing temperatures resulted in yesterday's pristine snow transforming into today's greyish-brown sidewalk sludge. It was like walking in an icee. Fred kept grumbling, "Why didn't you let me pack boots?" Grrrrrr. Of course I all but made him pack boots, but he didn't think he'd need them. At one point Fred, leading the way, stepped off the sidewalk into a slushee-filled pothole that nearly swallowed him. I silently grinned and thought about asking him if he wanted a snorkel, but thought better of it.

The visit with Julia was fun. I let Bella bring her computer and a Tom and Jerry DVD. It was just too comical watching the two sisters sitting side-by-side on the couch watching the cartoon, each giggling and keeping running commentaries, one in English, the other in Russian.
Julia: Etta moshka dielitz (the mouse did it)!
Bella: Jerry pulled Tom's whiskers!

The other highlight of the visit is when Fred engaged in a pillow fight with the girls. At one point Julia went to Luba (our new translator) and asked how to say something in English. She then got back into the fray and started calling Fred a "granny" everytime he threw a pillow at her! You heard it here first, folks. Fred's new nickname is Granny!

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pearly1979 said...

This is one of the best entries ever! Poor Fred the Granny needs a snorkle!!

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