Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day 7

Borya's too smart for us. We had brought him a Bionicle to put together, thinking it would take him a while, but it only took him a few minutes to finish the thing! For Julia, we brought a bead kit, and we all worked on making bracelets and necklaces. Bella also brought her play cell phone, which is an old one of mine. So it looks like the real McCoy, but it doesn't get any service. Well. Little Miss Julia had the time of her life with it! She had so much fun having make-believe conversations on it. And she would hold it to her ear against her shoulder, talking away in Russian while making a necklace or something. Multi-tasking at ten. At one point she was pretending to talk to Borya on the phone and she asked him what he was doing. He responded, "I'm making a necklace for my Mama" (I'm wearing it now, it's beautiful!). We also made paper airplanes and Bella taught Julia and our translator Olga how to make "cootie-catchers". I made an airplane and drew the American flag on its side and made little paper dolls of Borya and Julia and flew it across the room, telling them the airplane was flying them to America. They laughed and took turns flying it. I can't wait till the REAL Borya and Julia are on a REAL airplane flying fast to America!

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