Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 9

Not a whole lot to report today about our visit. We brought Uno and taught the kids how to play that. We also brought Silly Putty and had fun showing them how to lift pictures off a page, and make bouncy-balls with it. I made a colored-pencil drawing for Julia of an embroidered flower picture on the wall.

It was interesting watching the election results in Kazakhstan. When we got up on the morning (about 8pm EST) things were looking pretty favorable for Obama. By the time we got back from our visitation, it was all but over. Seems strange to be heralding in a new era so far from home, and to be learning all the details from Euro CNN.

We've been meeting more Americans the last couple days. We've met up a couple times since we've been here with Dee and Craig, the couple from Mass who is adopting brothers from Ridder, where Borya is from. We've also met people from NJ, Indiana, Chicago, and more. All of them are adopting from the baby house. We had lunch today with a sizable crowd and it was nice talking shop with folks of the same language and culture. We got to compare notes about the places with the best bathrooms, how to procure more tp from housekeeping, and places to eat that have recognizable food and English menus. We all sympathized with the family whose peanut butter was seized at the airport. She had brought a healthy supply with her for her little boy, but someone decided it was contraband. Alas.

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markkris said...

Hi, my name is Kris. Dee is also helping/encouraging us in our adoption. We attempted to adopt siblings from Ust 3 years ago and there was problems with paperwork. We are starting the process again to adopt from the same sibling group. One of our girls is in Borya's orphanage. Our journey has also lasted 5 yrs. We hosted the youngest sister in 2003 through Kidsave.

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