Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What day is it now?

Well, yesterday was the 14th day of visitation, today is day 1 of the 7 - 10 day wait till court, it is our 17th day in the country of Kazakhstan, and the 18th day since we've seen home. So what day is it now? Nyeesnyoo. I don't know.

After yesterday's hair-raising, knuckle-whitening roadtrip, we were glad to sleep in a little later. Alma and our driver picked us up around 10:30 and took us to the court to file for our court date (we're hoping for next Tues, and will hopefully find out tomorrow). Next we went to the notary (a different one than usual) to sign over power of attorney to a man we have never met before, to give complete authority over our two new children for the trip home in a month or so. Afterwards they drove us back to the hotel, so I asked what time they'd be picking us up later for our visit with Julia. My answer -- "Not today. You go tomorrow, yeah?" Well, since we can't walk there, yeah, sure. Meanwhile I'm wondering, since I had told her yesterday that we would see her today, has anyone told Julia that we're not coming today? I guess they must figure what's one more abandonment issue thrown on the heap, right?

Parental guilt notwithstanding, we managed to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Fred, Bella and I went shopping for the last of the items we needed for our kids' travel clothes. We also bought them the first two Harry Potter books in Russian. They're both H. P. fans but have never read the books. Picked up a couple English workbooks for them to do on the plane, and a few other odds-n-ends. We then had a scrumptious "linner" at the Chinese restaurant we like, while watching the snow fall over the park next door. We walked back home through the snow, bellies full, and settled in to a quiet evening of reading, and homework for Bella.

Bella has been an angel on this trip, by the way. I don't believe I've heard her utter the oh-so-popular kid's phrase "I'm bored" even once on this trip, though she says it all the time at home. And she doesn't have nearly as many boredom busters in her arsenal here as she does back home. She's been keeping herself entertained with homework, crochet, puzzles, drawing, and Russian cartoons. And at least once a day she clasps her hands together under her chin, gives a little skip, and says, "This is the best day EVER!"

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Terri Cole said...

Wow, can I tell you how I feel like I am there with you? Thank you for writing this beautiful memoir about your journey to "save" two beautiful children. We (all families) should all have so much courage and hope. Keep smiling ... you are SO close to coming Home! Alyssa has already asked when can we come to Landenberg to meet the kids!? You have to know that your family is an inspiration. And, by the way, you really should consider writing a book about all this - you always have been and always will be an awesome writer!! XXOO
Sending you Blessing and praying for God's angels to guide you ALL home! terri

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