Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Suspension of dossier processing?

As they say in the newscasts, "This just in ...":

Joint Council confirms the suspension of dossier processing by the Kazakhstan Embassy and Consulates pending the finalization of a review of adoption cases by the Kazakhstan government. The following represents our understanding of the suspension. The suspension of dossier processing by the Kazakhstan Embassy/Consulate is effective immediately.

Right after I read this, I rec'd word from my agency coordinator that they have rec'd no official word regarding suspensions. Who knows? This adoption stuff is not for the faint of heart ...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mother's Day?!?

I got a letter from Borya yesterday, and this is part of what he wrote:

We had a Mother's Day event. I played on stage. All the teachers liked it. Aleksey made photos from the concert. I congratulate you, dear mother on this Mother's day. And I wish you love, health and happiness.

WTF?!? What kind of sick, twisted place celebrates Mother's Day at an ORPHANAGE?

Happy Birthday!

Borya celebrated his 13th birthday yesterday (3/11)! I'm hoping and praying that his next birthday will be celebrated in his home, surrounded by his family all singing to him, with a sloppy, homemade cake and flickering candles on the table in front of him.
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