Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bloggles x 2 Years

I had been Mom to six kids for only a couple months when I posted this, and was feeling...

about to lose my friggin' mind?

What follows in this post from two years ago was a play-by play of a not-atypical afternoon:

1st child complains of sore throat.

Temp checked - fever.

2nd child complains of headache and the ever helpful complaint "not feeling well".

Temp checked - fever.

3rd child tudda-tudda-tudda-tuddas across kitchen tile floor on scooter.

4th child tudda-tudda-tudda-tuddas across kitchen tile floor on skateboard.

Dog barks and runs after skateboard/scooter children.

Tea kettle whistles.

Tea fixed and delivered to sick children.

Tudda-tudda-tudda-tudda ----tudda-tudda-tudda-tudda: skateboard child now has scooter child hooked to dog leash and rolling across kitchen floor train-style.

Get out all the stuff for dinner.

5th child asks to play x-box.

6th child asks to play computers.

7th child (friend over) asks to watch TV.

Mantra kicks in on auto-pilot "No screens till 7:30".

All children whine in unison, sounding surprisingly like a barbershop septet. Note to self: check into possibilitiy of booking gigs.

Child informs me she needs a Batman costume for school tomorrow because tomorrow is Batman Day. What the ....?

Hoarse bark heard in the other room. Does one of the kids have a seal as a classroom pet? Did I volunteer to watch it for the weekend? Note to self: get large quatities of fresh fish to feed seal.

Sick coughing child crying b/c throat hurts. OK, no seal. Bad cough. Cancel fish order.

Hugs and Motrin dispensed.

Barbershop septet sings my favorite tune, "When's Dinner/What's for Dinner".

"Owwwwwwwwwww!" Ninja-child was right behind me as I removed a box from the fridge. Got hit in eye with said box.

Apologies exchanged. Mixture of Russian/English/sign language follows in which he asks why I hit him in the eye with the box and I explain he hadn't been in that spot a millisecond before.

Neither of us understands the other.

Fix dinner, fix dinner, fix dinner.

"Mommmm, James is crying"

Hugs and more apologies dispensed. Wet paper towel applied to swollen eye.

Child with learning disability informs me she has a test tomorrow. She's supposed to memorize all 44 presidents.

Fix dinner, help study, fix dinner, help study, fix dinner, help study.

Serve dinner.

Eat portions left on plates.

Say hello to husband.

Brief husband on current illnesses, bedtimes, shower and homework status.

Say goodbye to husband.

Drop friend off at her house.

Drive to school for meeting from 8 - 9:30.

Get home, put away leftovers, load dishwasher.

Exchange info with husband on school meeting, status of kids.

Bed. Sleep.

Post-note: Friday morning two sick kids home. Cancel all plans. On the way to the store for ginger ale, received call from nurse. Third child sick. Drive to school to pick up.
The phrase "repeat as neccessary" springs to mind ...

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