Saturday, March 12, 2011

Next Guest

Stopped in a store today to buy one item: a baby gate to keep the front door area off limits for my dogs.

Thought I could run in, pay for my purchase, run out.

Oh, but I forgot it's 2011 and that's just not done anymore.

First off, the "customer service representatives"

Ummm, whatever happened to clerks? Or salesmen?

are all wearing headsets and have walkie-talkies strapped to their belts. Looked like they were working for the Secret Sevice.

Then, when I got to the counter, she scanned the barcode and proceeded to ask me a series of questions:

1) Do you have a Select Customer Rewards Card?
2) Would you like to apply for one at no additional cost to you?
3) Would you like to receive coupons by e-mail?
4) Would you like to save 10% today by opening a charge account with us?
5) Will you be needing to buy any batteries today?
(For a baby gate???)
6) Would you like to complete the on-line survey for a chance to win $500?

Next, as I'm being interrogated, I hear the next CSR over announce, "I can help the next guest at register 3".


Since when am I a guest in a store?
I am not at a hotel.
I am not at a fine restaurant.
I am not attending a wedding.
I am not company at the house of my relations.

Generally when I'm a guest somewhere, I get a little something out of it.
My sheets turned down.
A nice dinner.
A cocktail, perhaps.

All I'm getting is ticked off that the "representative" is wasting my time with all these questions when all I want to do is check out and be on my way.

Next time I set foot in a store where a representative refers to me as a guest, I'm going to demand a little basket of shampoos and a shower cap.

Or a gin and tonic.

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