Thursday, March 24, 2011

One Week Progress Report

So we've had the chicks a week now and have suffered no losses.

No death.
No disease.
No missing chicks.
No unfortunate accidents.

Praise be, I'm still at 100%.

They've changed a lot in a week. They're starting to lose some of their down and their feathers are coming in. Their beaks are growing longer. Still cute, but next week? Maybe not so much.
We'll see.

They're starting to look different from each other now too. So of course the kids are picking favorites and applying names.

Though with my history with chickens, naming is probably not such a good idea.

This is the one Bella picked out. She's a Golden-Laced Polish and her name is Tizzy. She's the biggest of the bunch.

This one is too cute and my personal favorite. She is Daniel's chick and he has named her Nugget. Yes, as in Chicken _____.

Here is Julie's litle chickadee, Pox. She is one of the Ameracaunas.

This here is Rosie's chick, Speckles. She's the other Ameracauna.

These are my three Buff Orpingtons, Big Mama, Puddin' and Goldie. They've changed the least in the past week. Smaller and less feathered than the others.

The whole gang.
Wait. 1, 2, 3........14. Yep. All there.

The Sleepy Bunch

Chick, chick, CLICK!
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