Friday, March 25, 2011

Slapped, Shot or Sued

My sister visited last week with her one year old son.

Kind of brought me back to the days when mine were little. Sigh ....

Also made me recall all the things we, as mothers, do with our children. Things that, if we did them to anyone else, we would get

slapped, shot or sued.

A small list:

Putting nose to bottom and taking a big whiff

Giving the diapered crotchal region a good squeeze

Wiping snot/boogers off the face with our fingers

Cleaning faces with our saliva

Reaching into a slobbery mouth to retrieve a handful of saliva-coated
dog food, legos, grass

Discussing with others the shape, size, consistency and frequency of another's bowel movements

Asking if they've pooped

Asking if they've wiped

Asking to look to double check

Putting hands inside
toilets, garbage cans,diapers
to retrieve lost/hidden/tossed items

Asking someone if they have to poop or pee

Telling someone they have to poop or pee

Demanding of someone that they MUST poop or pee on command this instant

Sigh. Guess I'm kinda glad mine are older now.

Though I've still been known to put nose to armpit and take a big whiff.....

Go poop. DO IT NOW! And then come back and click the button.
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