Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two Week Progress Report

The chicks are getting big.

They've definitely reached that gangly, uncomfortable-in-their-own-skin look what with the down and the feathers competing for space, their necks getting longer and their feet getting bigger. They look like your average teenager.

But at the same time they're so darned cute.

What with all their peep-peep-peeps and the running around, scratching, perpetually looking for SOMEthing, even if they don't know what.

They love their little treats of bread crumbs and minced-up apple and come running when I say here, chick, chick, chick.

Hey, look at me. I could be a hand model for the cover of Today's Hobby Farmer.

Wonder if my kids could be so well trained. Probably not with scraps of stale bread. M and Ms? Not likely. Debit cards? That might work.

Heeeeere click, click, click.....

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