Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'mmmmm Ba-ack....!

Got home last night from our little road trip.
If you'll recall, I had taken 4 of my kids up north to Massachussets to visit friends. Even with me leaving a couple of the kids at home, there were still 9 kids in the house, all of them teens and 7 of them from adopted from the same region in Kazakhstan.

Pretty cool.

The kids had a great time playing video games, watching movies, riding bikes, playing freeze-tag and musical chairs and going for walks downtown or to the local park. Some of these things my kids, living as we do in the middle of nowhere, usually miss out on.

We also got to be personally escorted around the nearby historical area, Salem. How cool was that?

Learned a lot at the Salem Witch Museum.

Got to meet the Easter Bunny. It was particularly frigid on this day and we were all jealous of his warm suit.

Souvenir shopping. Always fun.

Did a little grave hopping.

Little tiny tombstones.
For little tiny children.
So sad.

I don't know that my soul would be comforted with this image engraved upon my tombstone.

Checking out the "Friendship".

Checking out the friendship.

Who knew a bunch of teenagers could have fun playing musical chairs?

Dee and family, we miss you guys already! Thanks for such a lovely time....

People? I leave town for a few days and you let me fall into the 20's? Very irresponsible of you, very irresponsible. Click the danged button. I hate to nag, but honestly ....
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Rooster Inn said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Witches, graves and musical chairs...my dream vacation, but any vacation is my dream vacation, and by the way I voted 2x's everyday..So glad yourrrrrr back!

alphamama said...

Waaaaahhh....we miss you guys!!!!! Thanks for making the drive, we all had a blast.

Hugs, Dee

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