Friday, April 15, 2011

Outa Sight, But Not Outa Mind

I will probably be mute the next few days.

I'm throwing some of my brood into my tank, plugging an address into my GPS, and heading north to visit some friends.

Leaving house and home and critters in the care of hubs, oldest, and youngest.

I am putting the care of the chicks in the capable hands of B the Younger.

They'll all divvy up the work of the dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, goats, frogs, crabs and bird.

I'm sure they'll all do just fine.


As for me, if I can survive the 8 - 12 hour drive
depending on traffic, number of pit stops and number of times I have to pull to the shoulder to bang my head against the steering wheel,
then I know I will do just fine as well.

The kids will pretty much huddle together and entertain themselves.

I will pretty much huddle together with Dee and talk shop, vent, cry, and laugh. And drink a bottle of wine.

Or few.

But I probably won't blog again till I get home. It'll be good. I need to take a day or two off of writing from time to time, right? So I will make a concerted effort to Step... AWAY.... from the keyboard....

If anyone sees me wrapped in a motheaten blanket, sitting on a street corner in Massachussets, frantically scratching at my arms, you'll know I'm jonesing. Get me to a Starbucks with wifi and I'll be fine.

See ya'!

And if my Top Mommy Blog rating drops precipitously, don't worry, I'm a big girl and I can handle it. I won't cry. I won't wail or gnash my teeth.


Oh forget it, I'll die, I'll just die! Please click the brown button every day, please! Even if I don't write anything.


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1 comment:

jillsmo said...

I'm clicking! I just took my button off my site, so you'll definitely move up!!!! Hope you're okay :)

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