Friday, April 22, 2011

Progress Report: 1 Month

OK, so the weekly progress report on the chicks is getting a little old as they ... get a little old.

I shall henceforth provide monthly updates, which may still be a bit much for some.

And I'm a little late on this, as they turned one month on April 17th or there-abouts. But hey, I was out of town, out of state, out of my mind as usual, so I didn't gitterdun in a timely fashion this month. Hopefully you all are the forgiving sort.

In a nutshell
or shall I say an eggshell
they are doing quite well.

I am still at 100% survival rate which is an unprecedented feat for me. They have grown. A lot. But they are by no means full grown. They are still kinda gangly looking and seem to be all body and feet with little tiny pinheads.

I am about ready to break open their second 50 lb bag of start-n-grow, so yeah, they like to eat.

I brought them some crickets and hoo-boy was that entertaining. I opened up the crickets and let the hopping and the scrambling commence. At first my chicks didn't know what to do with them other than chase, catch, and run. But when you've got another chick/hen barrelling down on you and you've got a cricket in your beak and you run to a corner, you figure out pretty quick that you either eat the thing or have it stolen from you. Once the first couple crickets went down the hatch I could see the lightbulbs going off over the chicks' heads. And then they'd run off to see if they couldn't find them some more of these tasty hors d'ouevres.

Next time I'm bringing me a camp chair and a beer to watch the show.

Can you say Phyllis Diller?

Belly up to the bar.

This is either Goldie or Puddin' or Chicken Little. Can't tell unless I see them all together.


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1 comment:

Rooster Inn said...

Oh my! I am loving it! Rooster Inn approves, and hopes the the chicken with the headress has normal looking eggs. Keep those updates comin!

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