Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Nod to a Bygone Era

In Big Mom's hand, on the back of this photo, is scrawled, "About Easter 1967". This was taken on one of our annual Easter trips back home to Baton Rouge.
In the picture are my cousin Russ, my brother Donald, my cousin Gayle, and myself (in bonnet). The grown-up leaning protectively over us, I believe, is my mother.

Christmas photo taken in our home in Glen Rock, NJ. I can see the snow outside the window. We are a very long way from our "home" down south.
In this picture is my brother Donald, my sister Mary and myself. My sister's dress and my skirt are homemade from deep green crushed velvet. Like the lederhosen?

Back at my grandmother's house for another Easter visit. My cousin Gayle and I are wearing matching homemade dresses, ala early 1970s.

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