Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I was playing Scrabble with Rosie and Julie last night.

What should have been some nice, relaxing quiet time with a couple of my girls was anything but.

At any given time I had at least three people asking me something, telling me something, complaining about someone. The puppy was running around willy-nilly and I was trying to keep an eye on her so she didn't pee, chew, eat our little dog Cindy or get out the door.

I also had an eye on the clock b/c I needed to go pick up my oldest from a party, and oh yeah, there was dinner.

About the third round of the game I found myself yelling at a good two or three of the kids simultaneously to "JUST BE NICE TO EACH OTHER!"

It was right about that time Rosie played her word.


No, I'm not painting the scene here, people, that was the word she played. Dramatic.

That sucker was worth 28 points when you figured all the double word and triple letters and what-not, and then she got a 50 point bonus for using all seven of her letters.

78 points!

About that time I looked up at the clock and said, "Well, whaddya know, time to leave to get Patrick."

We did resume the game when we got home.

Guess who won?

Smarty pants.

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1 comment:

Rooster Inn said...

I was brought back in time to some of the "dramatic" games between Big Dad, and Donald...bet they are having a blast contesting each other! Sweet memories now

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