Friday, June 10, 2011

Farm Friday - Hodgepodge

Almost nothing to report this week.

Critters are all languishing in the insufferable heat.

Annabelle has nearly finished blowing her winter coat. Keep finding big patches of white fur lying around here and there and my first thought is always that something killed a rabbit. Then I'm like, Oh. Duh. Annabelle's coat.

This was the week Daniel and I had set to start training Pippin. But we haven't gotten very far. It's been so danged HOT. But we did do some.
Bought him a new halter but it's too small.
Bought him a new bridle with a snaffle bit. Too big.
Tried Midnight's old saddle on him and it fits just right.

He's the mouthiest pony I've ever seen, so as I figured, he was a nut with the new bit. Jaws working overtime with a steady stream of grassy drool running out of his mouth. Daniel and I were pretty well bathed in the stuff. I'm not sure whether Daniel was more impressed with watching him drool or watching him pee.

Pippin was a gem for getting accustomed to both the saddle and the bridle. The saddle you'd think he was born wearing. Only problem there was I let him hang out with it on his back while I worked some more on the Hen House, and everytime I looked over, Finnegan had the saddle skirt in his jaws, chawin' away. Then I'd have to stop what I was doing to go get after him. Not very conducive to being productive in my work. Hopefully Daniel and I will get out to work with him for real next week. As in Daniel's gonna hafta be brave enough to climb aboard his back.
He'll do finnnnnnne.


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Rooster Inn said...

Hey, with the heat wave in full swing maybe it is time to have the horses hooves trimmed again, and this time bring your camera, you know the one with the zoom

farmbeachgal said...

You know, now that you say it, Pipp's feet do have a few cracks. Time to pick up that phone. Will keep you posted....

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