Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grandparents are Great

My kids don't get to see their grandparents a whole heck of a lot.

My Mom lives a couple hours away. Fred's parents, sadly, are dead. My Dad and stepmother live like, 11 hours away.

Fortunately for us, the latter just paid us a visit. They made the long drive out and spent some good quality time with us'ns. Quality time including:

Gifting, and then playing, lots of that lawn ladder game (ladder ball? ladder toss?).
Playing a couple of awesome family board games.
Taking the kids out for pizza.
Helping out with chauffering to dentist appointments, dropping my car off to the mechanics, running out for groceries, picking up eggs from the farm down the road.
Going for walks.
Slippin' the kids all some cash.
Heaping compliments on us all.
Taking some of the kids on a fun local tour.
Watching the kids while Fred and I went out for our anniversary.

For me, it was great not only to spend time with them, but to be afforded some new perspective. Sometimes in the thick of our chaotic lives, I fail to notice the positives. But with their visit, I got to see my children through their eyes.

I got to hear that they saw leaps-and-bounds improvements in James' behavior and melding with the family. Got to beam with pride as they gushed over the delicious dinner the children made when Fred and I went out. I was honored to see how impressed they were with some of the intelligent and creative answers the kids came up with during the board games.

So PawPaw and Granny Caggy, I thank you. For your help, for your perspective, for your fun and games. And the lots of love and laughs.

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