Thursday, June 16, 2011


That's all the subject heading has to say, apparently, to get more views than almost any other post I have ever written.

This blog is chiefly an adoption blog. Secondarily, a blog about the chaos that goes along with raising a large family. Other topics also include special needs and farm chores, and sometimes just the random, amusing stuff of life.

What it is NOT is a blog about Labrador Retrievers.

However, to look at my blog stats, you would never know it. The post I wrote about my Lab's ear surgery is the second most highly read post on my entire blog, and is poised to take over the #1 spot (Meeting My Babies) any time now. Week to week it is often my most highly read post.

Since my rank seems to be sliding downhill on the Top Mommy Blog site, perhaps if I want to increase my readership (and the subsequent, hope-hope, votership), I should stop writing about what I want to write about and start writing instead about what's HOT.

To that end, I just looked up what is trending right now and here it is....

1.Tom Hanks
2.Tori Spelling
3.Eddie Vedder
4.Happily Divorced
6.Social Security …
7.Cabbage Patch Ki…
8.Donald Trump
9.Father's Day gif…
10.Gay marriage

OK, so #1, Tom Hanks. Met him once at the after party of my sister's Broadway premier. I have a picture. Picture alone of him in a tux and me in a $29 dress from TJ Max isn't too scintillating, but perhaps if I photoshopped it?

#2, Tori Spelling. Again, my only connection is with my sister, whom I believe did a pilot with her many moons ago.

#3, Eddie Vedder. Who?

#4, Happily divorced. I guess if you want to be trendy it's better to be happily divorced than happily married. I'll have to break the news to Fred. But hey, it's for the popularity of my all-important blog, people. Don't judge me.

#5, Smartphones. I already know my phone is smarter than me, but until it can do laundry and cook dinner for 8, that don't impress me much (to quote Shanaia Twain. Hey, is she trendy? And how do you spell her name???)

#6, Social Security. Alright, I'm losing interest already.

#7 - 10, Cabbage Patch Kids, Donald Trump, Father's Day gifts, Gay marriage

Perhaps I can market two gaily married Cabbage Patch dolls (one with Donald Trump hair) as a Father's Day gift for the Dad who has everything.
Now THAT'S a subject heading that might get some hits.

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