Saturday, June 18, 2011

Night at the Ball Game

Took four of the kids plus three of their friends to our local minor league ball game last night.

We go with friends of ours and their kids and it's a hoot. We pay extra for tickets in this one section that includes an all-you-can-eat buffet of burgs, dogs, mac, chips, soda, chicken, ice cream sandwiches, yadda, yadda. The kids are all thrilled that the food is "FREE" which I get a kick out of. I mean, what, are they paying the grocery bill at home? It's pretty much a free buffet in our kitchen as far as they're concerned, but somehow this is something for them to get all excited about. Besides which, like I said, I paid extra for the tickets to include the food, so ain't nothin' free about it.

Anyway, they had fun running about and taking pictures and chatting with friends. Oh and there was also this baseball game being played, who knew?

After the game there were fireworks
(can you say ooooh, ahhh)
and then they ran downstairs to try to catch the players coming out so they could get autographs and pictures. Which I'm sure must be the highlight of these players' nights.

Then the drive home through the dark with lots of pop music on the radio and young people texting and posting to FB.

Good times, good times.....

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1 comment:

Julie said...

sounds good!! And hey - all food is free if mum is paying!!

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