Thursday, June 2, 2011

Throttle Mode

Poor Bella has had a bad cavity for a while now.
Saw the dentist, who recommended extraction.
Referred us to an oral surgeon who takes our insurance.
Appt made, antibiotics begun one week before the appointment.
Motrin dispensed daily, plus lots of hugs and kisses, to help ease the pain.

Finally the day arrived (yesterday) for the appt and Bella had mixed feelings: trepidatious about undergoing a major dental procedure, thrilled at the prospect of the pain coming to an end.

Picked her up from school and drove nearly an hour out there.

Waited over an hour past her appt time.

She was good as gold, my little angel.

She was finally brought back, had an x-ray taken, and the dentist came in to talk with us briefly. Never looked in her mouth, asked whether we would rather go with a local or general anesthesia. We discussed that for maybe 30 seconds and he sent us right back into the waiting room again.

I was all like, 'what the....?'

Then the receptionist began to ask me when I would like to bring her back.

"Bring her back...?"

"Yes, for the procedure."

"But that's what we're here for today."

"Well, he can't do it now. It's already 5:19."

"What does that have to do with anything? Our appt time was 4:00. And besides which, we've been here for over an hour and we live an hour away."

"I'm sorry, it's too late. He can't do it now. You'll have to bring her back another time. You'll have to understand that's the nature of surgery, you run into unforseen circumstances and it throws the schedule off."

Unforseen circumstances my A**.

So now we've wasted four hours of our day, she's taken a week's worth of antibiotics for nothing, and she's still in pain. Took all the saints in heaven to tie my hands behind my back and clamp my teeth down on my tongue to not rip her and the "oral surgeon" a new one. I had some creative ideas of what I'd like to do with some of the instruments I saw when we were in the exam room.

Grrrrr. Insurance be damned, I know a GOOD oral surgeon a lot closer to home that I'll be calling today.

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