Sunday, July 31, 2011


Check this little video out. My sister (actress/singer/comedienne extraordinaire Mary Birdsong) put it together after she sang during an AIDS Walk in San Francisco.


Amazingly talented singer?
You betcha.

Good cause?
Most certainly.

Can I figure out how to have the box already there so all you have to do is click the little arrow to start it playing instead of clicking the link that takes you to the box?

But take the extra step and click on the link anyway.

And then of course, as always, click on the brown box to vote for me.

PS: If this link doesn't take you there, and you're game for following even more steps, try the following:
1) Go to FB.
2) Type in 'Mary Birdsong' in the search bar.
3) Click on her photos.
4) At the top, where it says, 'Mary Birdsong's photos' in a grey box, all the way to the right it says 'videos'. Click that.
5) The AIDS Walk video is right there at the top. It says 'AIDS WALK 2011- San Francisco [HQ]'. Click that.
6) Sit back and enjoy. You'll be glad you did.
7) (Optional) Donate to the cause!

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