Saturday, July 9, 2011


I broke free from my captors!

It was the most horrifying 36 hours of my life but I am free.

By day they were cute, almost innocent looking beachgoing children.

By night .....


They were quick to let me know they had a shrink ray gun and would not hesitate to use it. They cruelly demonstrated their powers with a national landmark as I watched helplessly.

They showed no mercy as they read through their list of restrictions.

Or when they forced me to eat buckets of toxic gruel.

They tried to keep their identities secret.
But my bottle of sunblock was really a cleverly disguised camera and I took lots of pictures to be used as evidence against them.

This is their ring leader.
You guessed it.

aka Butsby.

Here he is sharing his evil plan with one of his maniacal minions.

But when they learned I was onto them, they tried to run.
Some tried to dig their way to China.

Some tried to swim back into the mist from whence they came.

Babyface tried to flee in his get-away car.

But his minion tossed him out and took the wheel.

It was my turn to laugh maniacally as they fled.

I was free.


The End.

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Rooster Inn said...

Love.... Love..... Love
Such great pictures and post. You will have to watch that babyface aka butsky cause he obviously did not read the NO disrobing sign. hugs and much love!

Rooster Inn said...
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Lou Ann said...

Too funny! Looks like lots of fun even if the kids ran a muck for a while....okay more than a while but they obviously had a mission. And clearly you survived to tell the tale.

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