Friday, July 15, 2011

Farm Friday

Still not done building the Hen House so I can move my chickadees to the barn proper, their permenant home. They're getting cramped (read, smelly) in their Chick Shack. And they're just about fully grown. In fact, the most recent bag of feed I bought them was a layer mix, instead of the Start and Grow they've been on the last four months. My babies are getting all growed up. Sniff.

But I still have much to do before I can move them....
Build the gate,
Add three more boards to the sides,
Chicken wire over the rafters up high,
Add chicken-wire covered plywood to the back wall,
Add the bedding and the feeders and the grit hopper and their waterer and their kiddie-pool-filled-with-sand-and-DE-dustbath.

In other words, almost done.

Why is it I just can't seem to get out there and finish it all up?

Is it perhaps that I had to spend hours in the barn the other day undoing the damage Finnegan caused when he accidentally locked himself in the soon-to-be hen house and ripped out all the chicken wire separating hen house from rabbit pen and letting the bunnies loose? (Run-on sentence much?)

Is it because I have to run a kid to summer school every day and kids to various and assorted appointments roughly 40 times a week? (OK, that figure may be slightly exaggerated.)

Would it be that I had to plan and pack for a mini-vacation (girls getaway for me and m'girls) followed immediately by planning and packing for a whole-family vacation the very next day?

I know it isn't because I'm too busy taking care of the landscaping. The way the weeds are growing up around the place you'd think we were on the books somewhere for a demolition.

Hmmmm. Mayhaps it's the supervising of the summer homework my kids have been assigned, including the reading of about a dozen books, a few math packets, chapters from history books, projects for the assigned readings, etc.

Or it could be just all the other "normal" stuff in my life like making sure the kids are doing their chores, checking on the status of the wild feathered and furred critters that chance into our lives, oversight of the 40+ "domesticated" critters under our care, grocery shopping, laundry, and feeding my children now and then.

Why can't I finish this project? No clue.

Ponder, ponder, think, think.....

When I figure it out I'll let you know.

In the meantime, good news.

My next farrier appointment is coming up

Wait for it.....


I will try to sneak a few photos.

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