Monday, July 4, 2011

Oh and by the way?

Happy 4th....

Last year we tie dyed.

The year before that, James and Julie's first 4th with us, we took some cheesy pictures in matching t-shirts.

We did some driveway fireworks.

We got a little scared.

We celebrated freedom.

This year? I don't really have any plans yet.

Some cook out.
Some watermelon.
Some time in the pool.
Light up the leftover fireworks from last year.

Enjoy our freedoms.
Be thankful we live in the best country on earth.
Be hopeful we can do better.

Praise God for the six young blessings in my life.
Thank Him for letting them be here with us.
Rejoice that they will grow up here.
In our family.
In America.

Happy Independence Day everyone......

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