Saturday, August 27, 2011

Final Checklist

The preparation required to get the kids back to school is exhaustive.

There's the time required to complete forms, take the kids for physicals, take them shopping for clothes and supplies...
There's the cost for sending in lunch orders, new clothes, the extensive lists of required supplies....
And there's the oversight of all the summer assignments.....

4 down, 1 refusing, 1 balking.

Doctor's Appointments
Vaccinations for 2. Done.
Sports physicals for 2. Done.
PPD tests for 5: 3 done, 2 to go.
Run-of-the-mill physical: 1 to go.

School Clothes Shopping
New sneakers, new backpacks, new outfits, new socks, new underwear. Done.

School Supplies Shopping
Check. In fact, more than $300 worth of checks.

PTO enrollment. And a check.
Daniel's school contract and registration form. And a check.
Bella's vision exam report.
Bella's, Julie's and Rosie's vaccination records.
Schedule change requests (x3).
School listserv sign-ups (x5).
Student transportation forms (x5).
School handbook confirmation forms (x5).
School cafeteria slips (x5). Plus 5 checks.

Summer Assignments
12 books.
History chapters, reading and questions.
3 book projects.
4 math packets.
Speech packet.
4 essays.
Still burning the midnight oil.

The cost in time, the cost in money....

But 6 hours of peace and quiet everyday?


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