Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lazy Daze

Last Saturday was one of those wonderfully lazy days that come along every now and again. One of those days that you just surrender yourself gladly to its charms.

I got to sleep late (nearly 9).

I got to sit with a hot cup of coffee and write for hours before I even noticed what time it was. And it was quiet. And it was good.

I made my best-to-date pancakes in plain, blueberry and banana, and savored the buttery, sweet, steamy goodness along with an ice cold glass of milk. Clooney Diet be damned.

On the way home from picking up my girls from their bff's sleepover party, we stopped at the Amish farm down the road to pick up eggs. Sarah didn't have change for my 20, so she told me to just stop by with the money another day. Stock market in chaos, what?

Right after that we stopped at the farm cart across the street from us to buy a ginormous watermelon to have with dinner. We placed our $2 in the honor box and went on our way. Yes, I said an honor box. An old sour cream container with a hole cut in the lid and a good 20 or so dollars crammed inside, tucked in among the watermelons, lopes, termaters and squash.

I helped my youngest clean out his room in preparation for the arrival of his new bed. When the bed was delivered, it was set up and we made it all cozy with new sheets, his down comforter, and all his assorted pillows. When we were done, he ran off in pursuit of things electronic, while I lay on his bed, listened to the rain drum agaist his window, and looked around at the things that marked who he is: posters of dragons, a shark jaw, fossils and gems, a found feather, a railroad spike, a Kung Fu certificate, books about dinosaurs, knights, Romans, the universe. I closed my sleepy eyes and imagined I could freeze the room like this. Pretended the dragon posters would not someday be torn down and replaced with pages from a Victoria's Secret calendar.

Before heading back downstairs, I peered into a pink and green bedroom to see two sisters working on "organizing". Hmmmmm. The room didn't appear visibly more "organized" than when they started, but OK.

I happily signed for the pizza, assured him that it was OK that he got lost, everyone does. I set the boxes on the table, and announced that dinner was served. Dress optional.

I thought for a moment about cleaning, but slapped myself hard and snapped out of it.

I glanced in the game room and saw two boys with skin in matching shades of brown slumped against one another as they battled to a virtual death in a game of x-box. One, a nine year old Latino from the Bronx, the other an almost 15 year old from Massachussets but originally from Kazakhstan, united in this freeze-frame moment.

I sprawled on the sofa and watched the tail end of a Steve Carrell comedy, with various and assorted kids joining me for a few minutes here or there. I even got the good spot and no one said a word. James joined me for a bit, and laid his head on my lap while I rubbed his back and scratched his head, my favorite "attachment" activity with him.

The movie ended, but I extended my stay on the couch. It grew darker. The rain continued. The kids moved on to a game of hide and seek. Things got a little louder, a bit more rambunctious, but I just snuggled into my spot on the sofa and smiled the smile of an overworked Mom that just got a day off....

...and enjoyed every moment of it.

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Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Your day sounds delectably decadent. Congratulations on a job well done !~!

alphamama said...

Ummm...that boy from Massachusetts turns 16 next month...and I love that he's hanging with your Fresh Air kid!

farmbeachgal said...

Oops, that came out wrong. I must've been between saying 'a 15 yr old' and 'an almost 16 yr old' and I ended up getting them both in but getting the age wrong!

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