Friday, August 19, 2011

Farm Friday - Eggstraordinary News.

You'll never guess what's chillin' in my fridge right now.

It was found in the last nesting box in the row in the Hen House.

That's right, uh huh. We got our first egg. James found it on Weds morning.

And I went a little insane.

I was Steve Martin in his celebratory dance when his son caught the winning ball in Parenthood.

I became Jimmy Stewart doing his little parade dance to lock the remaining two dollars in the bank vault in It's a Wonderful Life.

I channelled Tom Hanks after he made fire in Castaway.

From the way I carried on, you'd think I'd laid the egg myself.

I searched the intenet in vain to find a crafty way to display my first egg on the wall at the entrance to my home to be preserved for evermore like the first dollar in a Mom and Pop business.

Instead I have taken some photographs.

The second picture? That's MY EGG sitting pretty and all snuggled up with MY VEGETABLES that I have grown.


I will close now. I am off to make a one-egg omelette with tomatos, peppers, scallions, and basil, with some cucumber slices on the side.

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Lanita said...

That's how I felt about my first tomato of the season. Now, 140 pints of diced tomatoes later...I don't do the happy dance anymore!

farmbeachgal said...

There's just something about producng something on your land, am I right, Lanita? But yeah, ask me how I feel when I've got eggs coming out the wazoo.

Anonymous said...

That's so exciting! I want chickens too but the hubs keeps reminding me of the large bear population and how I would cry my eye balls out if they got to my feathered friends. He is right.

Saw your blog on FB and bookmarked it, so excited to see what you guys are up to. Sure beats waiting for the yearly Christmas letter. Hope to see you guys soon, it's been way to long. ~Sharlotte (Giberson)

Miss Meg said...

We have tried (and failed) twice to raise chickens at our "farm" (abundance of grass). Those little suckers are tough! I feel like we spend months just trying to keep them from killing their little fool selves, and, sigh, we fail. Of course, this after all our littles have named "their" chickens and have formed bonds. I am SO PROUD of you that you have made it to the egg stage! I'm taking notes for next year!

farmbeachgal said...

Thank you, thank you (sniff) thank you. I'm so proud (sniff). I'd like to thank my parents, and the academy. And God.

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