Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Storms Have Names (reposted)

A few days ago I read a post by a blogger I follow (Kari of Coffee Catharsis)that I found quite thought-provoking and relevant. To my life, anyway.

With her permission, I am re-posting it here.

Sunday, September 4, 2011
The storms have names

We hear about hurricanes while they are considered newsworthy. What we rarely hear about are the months and years of suffering and the struggle to rebuild lives in the painful aftermath.

The storms have names.

Ike. Andrew. Katrina. Irene.

But once the cameras focus on the next news story, the people whose lives were forever changed by them are faceless. Nameless.

I believe that is why many of us in the foster care and adoption community have chosen to write blogs. Our families are living in the aftermath of storms with names like Alcohol, Neglect, Trauma, and Abuse. We know all too well what happens after the news story wraps up with "the child has been placed in the protective custody of the county", allowing the public to have closure and move on to the next story.

At times we feel like we are simply cleaning up pile after pile of debris from the storm with no end in sight. Every once in a while we notice some signs of progress and we dream of rebuilding. We know the structure will never be what it might have been, but we find the strength to accept that and we pick up a hammer and nail a few boards together...

...and then the wind blows again.

Thank you Kari! Check her out, people.

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alphamama said...

Oh, yeah...definitely can relate. Will check out your new blogger friend, sounds like we have some things in common.

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