Thursday, November 24, 2011

What are you thankful for?

In no particular order:

James: Food.

Rosie: Justin Bieber.

Julie: Hey, that's what I'm thankful! And family.

Patrick: Having five days off of school.

Daniel: I'm thankful for video games.

Bella: ....ummmm.... for EVERYthing!

Rosie: I'm also thankful for Milky (her kitten).

Julie: And I'm also thankful for Mali (her cat).

Fred: The health of my family.

Anne: I'm thankful for....
James baking the bread
Rosie making the corn casserole
Julie baking the apple pie
Patrick making the mashed potatoes
Daniel cooking the green bean casserole
Bella making the sweet potatoes
Fred making the gravy
My sister making the munchies
All the good eats
All the good lovin
All my chillens
All my family.

And I'm also thankful for all of my readers. And for their voting talents. You all can click this brown button like nobody's business and I love you for it. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Have an awesome day.
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