Friday, December 2, 2011

Farm Friday - All's quiet on the farm front

It's Friday. Farm Friday.

But it's been pretty quiet on the farm lately. No injuries or illnesses, no escapees, no births, no deaths.

Maybe I'll just jot down a quick list of what I like about each of the critters. Not as individuals, mind you, but as groups. Just the farm critters, not the dogs and cats and small caged animals.

I should put pictures of them, but I'm pressed for time right now, and besides, you've seen them all. If you're a newcomer? Please be so kind as to look through my sidebar in labels and check out some of the previous posts on farm, chickens, horses, animals, etc if you'd like to see some pics. Sorry to have to ask you, but I hope you understand.

The Horses
What's not to love about horses, right? Well, except maybe their poop. And their mud. And oh yeah, their burrs.
Still, plenty to love.
I love the way they smell.
I love their sleek coats in the summer and their fuzzy coats in the winter.
I love when they blow their sweet grassy breath into your nose, and their curiosity.
I love to sit on the bare back of my mare Genevieve in the cold weather, not even riding anywhere, just draping myself across her neck and soaking up her warmth.
I love Pippin's doggish friendliness.
I love Finnegan's .... looks. Not much else to like about that one. But he sure is handsome.

The Goats
I love that they will eat anything. I wish my youngest could be so bold in what he chooses to eat.
I love that they keep the grass and weeds down in the boggier parts of our property that would suck a tractor up and never say a word about it.
I love that they mow the steep hillside we can't take the tractor onto without fear of it taking a swan dive into the pond.
I love how they come running over to the deck when you call them for some goodies.
I love their absolute adorableness.

The Rabbits
OK, they have no purpose, I'll admit it. They're just so stinkin' cute. Especially Alice, our soft grey Flemish Giant who is roughly the size of a Springer Spaniel.

Our Chickens
Our only "productive" farm animals.
I love the clucks and chatters of my sweet hens.
I love their good looks.
I love their soft, glossy backs.
I love the out-of-this-world-fresh-and-yummy eggs they give us every day without fail.

But I hate our rooster. Damn him to hell.

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