Thursday, December 1, 2011

I love you, Pinterest. I love you.

Someone told me about Pinterest.

I came, I saw. I fell in love.

Head over heels puppy love.

I added all kinds of pins to all kinds of boards and was building a lovely virtual wall of things I might-someday-probably-never get to doing.

But I loved it.

And then I ruined it.

I started a new account under my new FB and deleted my old account under my old FB but somehow in a way only techless me could pull off, I deleted both accounts.

And then I had none.

And I tried, I really tried to contact the good people of Pinterest to tell them my tale of woe and beg their assisitance, but my cries for help echoed into cyberspace and fell on deaf ears.

Until today, when I was cleaning up 6 pages of old emails, filing and deleting and answering to beat the band, when I saw my original welcome email from Pinterest and I replied to that and


and they have earned a seat at the right hand of God for reuniting me with my long lost Pinterest love.

So now I can go back to finding and pinning things like this

and this

and this

and this


Oh my God. What has become of me?

I need a life.

I really, really need a life.

(I love you Pinterest....)

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