Sunday, January 1, 2012

My New Fitness Friend

I'm a couple weeks over due for a Sunday Social, but I just stumbled upon this cool weight loss tool that's FREE that I thought I would share. If any of you are at all like me, you've started a new list of resolutions, goals, whatever you want to call them, and getting in shape is at the top of that list. Note, I did not say "diet", nor did I mention "weight loss", because those terms are so 2011, aren't they? It's all about getting fit, getting in shape, right? Yeah, whatever.

I don't care how healthy I am, whine, I just wanna look good!

Call me shallow, I can take it.

Anyway, I thought of going back to Weight Watcher's b/c I've had a lot of success with them in the past, but I didn't need one more thing I would have to schlepp myself to. Checked out the online service they offer, no schlepping, but then the cheapskate in me started to fuss over paying for something I did over my computer. So I surfed around a bit and voila, I found this WebMD service that looks just right.

You have to sign up for an account, but then once you do you just input your start weight and your goals and your activity level and yadda-yadda, you know the drill, and it tells you how much you should eat and exercise per day to meet your goals. It lets you track it, all, too, b/c you can just input stuff and it will calculate how many calories consumed or burned or whatever and plot everything on a nifty little graph that will sing to the OCD component of your persona. I haven't even started it yet but I'm already lovin' it.

I'm lovin' it.
Oooh, I could really go for some fries.

Hmmmm. We'll see how I do with this.

Wish me luck!

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Sarah said...

Might have to check that out with you Anne. There is something satisfying about inputting data...I need to buy a scale, which I dread.

Anne Kimball said...

Scales are dreadful things, aren't they?

Mary Birdsong said...

Love it! Especially the confession of "screw 'getting healthy', I wanna look good!" :-) I so relate. Another great tool I discovered is an app called "Lose It!" It's free, and is made for smart phones, so you always have access to it right in yr pocket. But the best part? YOU CAN SCAN ANY FOOD PRODUCT'S BAR CODE INTO YR PHONE! Then in like, two seconds it uploads all the nutritional data. And it has all the same charting and goal support etc that you mentioned. Might be good for when you're on the go? But I don't know if it works on non-smart phones (aka stupid phones)? Happy New Year!!!

Anne Kimball said...

That sounds awesome, Mar. Sadly, I don't have a smart phone. Wouldn't be smart enough to handle one! Love that you could scan the barcode in. How amazing is that?!

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