Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nice Relaxing Weekend.


My to-do list for this weekend includes:

Painting Julie's room.
Installing the headboards we made for three of the kids for Christmas.
Figuring out what to do and where to put all the bags and boxes of stuff that the kids cleaned out of their rooms weeks ago.
Taking down all the Christmas decorations and storing all that away.
Cleaning out the barn.

Oh yeah, and let's not forget about all the usual stuff of life including feeding eight people-keeping the house clean-getting after the little buggers to do their chores-laundry-and what-not. Lots and lots of what-not.


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Sarah said...

Oh yes, all that what-not. Amazing how that piles up. Enjoy your day!

Anne Kimball said...

I hate the what-not.
Thanks, Sarah, have a great w/e!

Miss Meg said...

oooh...will you post "after" pics...I love a good room makeover,especially with diy stuff!! (did you find the headboards on pinterest??)

Anne Kimball said...

I will do my best to find the strength to lift my camera and click the shutter button when I'm all done, Meg. The headboards were something we came up with on our own, not anything I found on Pinterest. Am I following you there? What's your Pinterest name?

Miss Meg said...

nope, I just browse like crazy...I dont pin anything. I'm still not sure how the whole joining/following thing works over there. :)

Anne Kimball said...

Meg, you join thru your FB account, but you have to request an account or something. Once you are joined, you need to create some boards, such as food, art, DIY, decorating, whatever you want. Then you go browsing thru Pinterest and when you see something you like you just hit the "pin" button and a page will come up asking you which of your boards you want to pin it on. Select the appropriate board, then hit "save pin" and you're set. You can also pin things from other sites, but that's a little harder to explain. There's a thing on Pinterest that explains it, though, and I've started pinning from other sites and it's not hard to do at all. Join!!!

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