Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Tip For Tuesday

Here's a tip for some guilt-free yumminess:

Found this on Pinterest and tried it last night. I gotta tell ya', it's good. My blender wasn't acting up to speed (no pun intended), so I added alittle skim milk to help it smooth out the frozen banana, but I don't have a problem with dairy, so I didn't care about adding milk.

I guess it was originally from Tumblr(*), and so here are the instructions from the posters:


Chocolate-Banana “Ice Cream”

Freeze a banana, then combine with 2 tbsp cocoa powder and blend until smooth and creamy. Dairy-free, 110 calories. But most importantly: frigging delicious, because seriously dudes, bananas and chocolate were meant to be together <3 I use a frozen banana with a spoonful of peanut butter & half a glass of milk for a morning smoothie. This sounds delicious. I need to pick myself up some more bananas…
(via hellohealthy9192)

Don't forget to....

*From confident-beautiful-motivated.tumblr.com

1 comment:

A. E. said...

That sounds. Really. Good.
I'm so happy I have bananas!

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