Friday, February 10, 2012

Farm Friday - Cutting Out the Middle Man

We have a puppy.

She is a chewer extraordinaire.

Though our Lab Sunny has her beat in the dollar-value of things chewed, Fiona has left her in the dust for sheer volume.

And she's starting to get creative now. And clever.

She has decided she shall henceforth eliminate the middle man .

Rather than chew socks (or toys or retainers or insert any item here), which we have to replace by spending money, she has now moved on to chewing up money directly.

Last week she pulled a twenty out of my purse, chewed on it for a bit, then neatly ripped it in half. For good measure, she also ate one corner of the bill. It is now, quite literally, dog-eared.

How mangled can a bill be and still get accepted?

I'm going to try to find out....

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Tiffany Barry said...

This makes me laugh so hard! Our puppy, who sadly is not longer with us, had an affection for plastic cards... meaning driver's licenses, credit and debit cards, and any other important cards left in my wallet were all fair game!

Their mouth dexterity amazes me!

Tiffany at Mom's Daily Zen

Anne Kimball said...

So Tiffany, I guess my dog prefers paper and yours prefers plastic! Too funny. Thanks for sharing!

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