Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We have contact!

As I may have already posted, my cyber-friend Dee (we've never met face to face, but I feel like we've been through a war together) is over in Kazakhstan right now, adopting two brothers that attend Borya's orphanage. Like me with Borya, she's known Aniyar and Madiyar for about five years and is finally able to bring them home, and I am beyond excited for her. Anyway, I had sent her something to give to Borya for me if she travelled before us, and she was able to meet with him yesterday. Here is her account of her visit with him:

I saw Borya today! I told Alma that I had a gift from you for him, the hat you had sent me. She talked to the director and Borya was called in to talk with the officials who were already there for our bonding visit. Alma and the ministry official asked him if he remembered you, had heard from you, wanted to have a family...he said yes to all 3 questions. He looks good, very tall and strong. I couldn't get a picture but he does have the hat and he's waiting for you.

It still doesn't seem quite real to me that I leave in three days and will see him in six days. Someone pinch me, please. And leave a mark so I know for sure I'm not dreaming all this up.

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Lori (and Dart) said...

"...and he's waiting for you."

I just lost it -I'm balling at my desk. I can't wait to meet you in Oz ( I mean Kazakhstan)and hear firsthand about your reunion.

Email if you need anything. I am leaving Nov 1. Best, Lori

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