Friday, August 5, 2011

Farm Friday

My poor chicks are getting crowded.

And really? I can't call them chicks any longer. They're hens. Plus one roo.

But their tenemant days are almost behind them.

The hen house is just about complete. In fact, just this past week:

*Fred built me a B-E-A-U-ti-ful gate. About 8 feet by four. Nice latch. The works.
*I finished chicken-wiring the wall between the henhouse and the rabbit pen so they won't be able to fly on over to chat with their furry neighbors.
*We got the rest of the planks cut and nailed in place to finish the wall.
*We put in plywood along the back wall to cover the rotting drywall that was there.

In fact, they could almost be in there now except I want to put a ceiling in over the rafters so they can't fly up and out and nothing else can creep and crawl down to mess with my hens or their eggs. I was going to tack chicken wire to the rafters, but b/c I am brilliant, I realized I could make use of a bunch of old vinyl siding that was stored up in the barn rafters. It's flexible, it can be stapled, it will help hold some of their heat in during the colder weather, and it's FREE!

After working on it for a bit the other day, I came in and Fred asked me how the chicken wire project was going. I said,

Repeat after me...

I am married
I am married
to a mother effing GENIUS.
to a mother ... huh? What did you do now?

Anyway, I ran out of staples so I had to suspend the project temporarily. But this weekend, as God is my witness, I will move my little chickadees to their new abode.

Tune in next Friday for pics of them in their new digs.

Meanwhile, here's a picture for you now. The same ol', same ol' picture of the juggling chick. You know the drill. Click the brown button. And thanks for your support!
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