Friday, August 12, 2011

Farm Friday

The Chick Shack is empty.

The Hen House is full.

[I fingerpainted this. Pay no attention to the drippings.]

I have done it!

I have raised 14 chicks from 1 day old till 4 1/2 months old without losing one single fowl.

I established a habitable nursery for them in my daughter's bathtub when they were hatchlings.

I built the Chick Shack to keep them safe and warm when they were fledgelings.

I wrung my hands with angst, then settled into acceptance, when my Beautiful Golden-laced Polish came out and declared himself a rooster.

And now, with the help of my husband and several children, I have completed the Hen House to shelter them as young adults.

They were moved in to their new digs last Saturday. I swept the floor, spread the bedding, situated their feeders and waterers, then carried them in two by two.

The first two I brought in, naturally, were Big Mama and Big Daddy. Big Mom looked all about her but didn't move from the spot I had set her down. Big Dad stood tall, fluffed his feathers, then strutted round and round Big Mom as he eyeballed his new surroundings. They were both very dubious about the whole relocation.

But then I brought in the rest. They were indignant at first. Then curiosity took hold. Finally joy, as they breathed the fresh air, scratched at the clean bedding, and roosted in the windowsills come nightfall.

Couple days later my sister came to call with her little Cuteness on Two Legs along for the ride. Snapped a few pictures of him checkin' out the chicks and throwin' them some scratch.

I'm all about providing a petting zoo for the relations.

So now all we need are some eggs and I will officially be able to call this whole mess a success.

I'll keep you posted.

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