Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Good News/Bad News

Good news
The full theatrical trailer is out for Descendants and it looks great.

Good news
The film has been getting rave reviews at all the festivals and is considered to be an Oscar contender.

Good news
I'm getting a chance to see Mr. Clooney (swoon) sooner than originally planned, and a lot closer to home. I'll be attending the October 16th premier in New York with my sister, and so far he's been showing up at all the festivals.
I've officially changed the ticker counter at the top of my page.

Bad news
He might not show at the NY premier at all. While I would still have a blast being at the fancy pants premier meeting all kinds of other celebrities with my sisters, I would then have to decide whether I should still try for it in LA or not in Nov. If I did, it would mean more money, more time to "get coverage" from Fred to watch the kids in my absence, and missing Thanksgiving with my family.

Bad news
Not only am I way behind schedule on my Clooney Diet (as in, at least 12# behind), but now the date is even closer. Originally I would get my chance to meet Mr. Dreamy in December in Hollywood, then it moved to Nov, and now it's right around the corner on Oct 16th.
Yikes. I'm gonna needs me a personal trainer, a personal chef, and/or a good old-fashioned fat camp.

If you think I can lose some more weight before the Oct premier, thanks for the vote of confidence.
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Gr'ma Z said...

Good news--I think you probably can run as fast as George Clooney--youth is on your side!

farmbeachgal said...


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