Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Tip For Tuesday

OK, for all you Moms of school aged kids out there, I'ma gonna lay a tip on ya'.

And I'm even going to play off my recent post "I Hate Frugality."

All those leftover notebooks of your kids from last year? You're going to repurpose one of them to be used as a

Sh** I Have To Sign For School Notebook.

I've just taken a run-of-the-mill comp book, ripped all the used pages out (recycled them, of course), and if I sign something for school? I write it down in the notebook.

[I have not yet gotten crafty with my notebook. This is the sad state I found it in.]

Now, I just keep a simple running tab. New date, new sh** to sign, new page. I write down the date I received it, what the form was (like a permission slip, the parent/teacher contract, syllabus, whatever), and when it was sent back in with the kid.

Then later, when I get one of those e-mails from a teacher that says,

"Thanks to all the parents who sent in the blah-blah-blah. Your cooperation is appreciated. For those schmucks who haven't sent it in yet, get your act together. We all know who you are and we laugh about your ineptitude in carline."

I can confidently pull out my trusty
Sh** I Have To Sign For School Notebook.
and see at a glance if indeed I did send in the blah-blah-blah or if it is truly time to panic.

Now, you can go ahead and get all fancy with it if you want. Three kids? How about a 3-subject notebook? Whatever floats your boat. Point is, write it down. Because if you're anything like me, no WAY you can keep it all straight up in your noggin.

And there you have....

My Tip For Tuesday!

You're welcome.

And for the vote? Thank you!
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