Tuesday, October 11, 2011

RAD Much?

We were all sitting together watching a TV show a couple weeks ago.

Spoiler alert: if you haven't watched the premier for Terra Nova, but plan to, don't read this.

And in the show, this family is trying to pass themselves off as a family of four (futuristic population control thing). So the Dad has the baby of the family, a little girl about 5 years old, in a backpack to hide her. Well, things go wrong, the police are on to them that something's up (drugs or weapons are suspected), and the backpack is ripped off the Dad's shoulders and is about to be torn open with like a bayonet or something. The parents throw themselves in front of the blade to keep their little girl from being harmed. It's one of those slow-mo moments where they leap between the police and the backpack, screaming "Nooooooooo".

Just then, the backpack is unzipped, and the little girl peeps her head out of the bag, looking all around her at all the chaos.

And James says,

"I don't get it, what's so important about that baby?"


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image courtesy: thefastertimes.com

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