Tuesday, November 1, 2011

High Finance

This is why I love having a passle of kids: The Halloween negotiating.

They got home from Trick-or-Treating and promptly dumped their loot all over the family room. And then the wheeling and dealing began.

I've got Starburst! Who wants to trade for a pack of Starburst?

Hershey Bars here, Hershey Bars! What will you give me for a Hershey?

Who wants a Charleston Chew?

Nobody wanted to trade for Charleston Chews when I was a kid, either.

Mary Jane?


You've got Twix? I'll give you a Double Bubble and a Sassy Tart and a Whoppers for your Twix. No? NO?! Alright, I'll throw in a Laffy Taffy.

Recently deceased dentists all over creation are rolling in their graves right about now.

Don't worry, they all bargained and dealed till each ended up with their custom-made Ideal Bag of Confection. And I collected my tax, fear not. Roughly every 30 seconds one of the kids would toss over to me a prime candy. Milky Ways, Twixes, Hersheys, and Three Musketeers found their way into my lap without so much as a pleading glance from the presider of the trade.

Happy Halloween, indeed....

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