Monday, December 8, 2008

What to do?

My oldest asked me, "What did you DO all day when we were in school?"

Well, let's see, today after we waved goodbye to each other on the bus, I ....

*cleaned up kitchen and started dishwasher
*checked e-mail
*ordered Christmas gifts on-line for school office staff, school teachers, CCD teachers, coaches and bus drivers. 20+ all told.
*got in a quick and dirty 1/2 hour work-out
*stopped in at the feed store for feed and supplies
*picked up Fred's dry cleaning, hanging it next to the 150# of feed in the cargo space of my car.
worked for awhile in the barn including:
*thawed and refilled frozen water bottles
*topped feeders and replenished storage containers for the rabbits, guinea pig, farm dog, cats.
*noticed Annabelle (farm dog) has come into first heat. Note to self: stop putting off call to vet to get her spayed!!!
*put new halters on 2 horses who had deviously hidden their old ones
*started 2 underweight horses on new feeding schedule
*finally managed to wrangle our goat Houdini and get his old collar off!
*started working with our mare Flurry to re-aquaint her with the concept of lifting her bum leg so the farrier, aka evil ugly troll (in Flurry's mind) can finally trim her hooves next month
Back in the house I:
*took care of some adoption paperwork
*checked a couple blogs of "adoption friends"
*answered a couple e-mails
*scheduled pre-op and post-op appts for Bella's January eye surgery, carefully coordinating with another Dr appt she has that month in same hospital
*hung up the dry cleaning
*washed a few loads of laundry
*wrapped a few Christmas gifts
*put away some dishes
*cleaned out the bottom of the hall closet

Me: What did I do? Oh, you know, did a few things around the house and barn, ran some errands.
Patrick: Don't you get BORED?
Me: .............still trying to think of a response ...............

Have a fun-filled day!


Lori Printy said...

Hey, when I ask my kids what they did all day at school the usual answer is "nothing". Don't they get bored???

Bonnie said...

it was my birthday! u didnt mention that ...... :(

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