Sunday, May 15, 2011

Life Labels

Just found a new-to-me feature of my blog.


Apparently I have the ability (have had it all along, actually) to slap a label onto the bottom of each post, and then put a list of all labels in a gadget on my sidebar. This gives me, in essence, an index.

So if you were interested in reading all things chicken, you could just click on chickens in my sidebar and up would pop all posts I've written about chickens.

So neat and tidy. I love it.

So now I'm trying to go back through all my old posts to add labels to things.

Of course, true to life, many things can't be so neatly categorized as "chickens", "dogs", "adoption".

I mean, how am I supposed to label the post about when the Raisinet dropped out of my shirt? Clearly, I can't (or shouldn't) create a category called "candy dropping out of clothing". And this post about labels. Should I have a category for "labels"? That just seems redundant and stupid.

So I have actually started a label called "random/funny". In it you will find some things random. Some things funny. Some things, if you're lucky, will be both random AND funny.

Click this button. Not randomly. But very methodically, every single day. If you like me even one single bit.
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