Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spring - love/hate

I love spring.

Her greenery pulls me from my winter slumber.
Her flowers and unfurling leaves fill me with hope.
Her warm breezes swirl around me as I lift my face to the sun.
All around me is beauty: daffodils, forsythia, tulips, little mint green leaves, lush grass.
New life: nests full of baby birds, bunnies frolicking and cavorting, colts with the sun on their backs running for sheer joy, puppies rolling tumble-bumble through the grass.

My mind is alive with possibilities.

I hate spring.

Her endless list of chores overwhelms me.
Her unfurling weeds fill me with dread.
Her warm breezes bring stink bugs.
All around me there is work to be done: eliminating weeds, planting the flowers I bought before they die in their flats, watering the flowers I planted before they die in the garden, tilling the vegetable garden and nourishing it with fertilizer, buying and planting the veggies, finishing the chicken coop in time, tidal wave of end-of-the-school-year paperwork.
New life: trying to protect the foolishly placed nest of baby bunnies from our dogs, the onset of the costly seasonal battle against fleas and ticks, waging war against intestinal worms in puppies, goats, horses, saving the baby birds that have fallen from their nests.

My body is bent and sore with exhaustion.

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Nicole said...

This is why I don't garden! I'm interested, but I can't handle the responsibility for additional living things.

Well said!

rach said...

I'm tired just READING that list!! good thing you have a lot of kids that you can wrangle into helping you out!

farmbeachgal said...

Yes, it's true many hands make light work, but also lots of sass and argument! Exhausting.

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