Thursday, June 9, 2011

Heat Day

Got an email from the school the other day. With temperature forecasted to soar into the upper 90s with high humidity, and our school being an ancient building with no a/c, they decided to grant parents permission to pick up their kids early due to the extreme heat. They can't dismiss early since they're dependent on transportation from surrounding school districts, but they would excuse it if the parents wanted to come fetch their sweaty stinky little rugrats.

Kind of the opposite of a 2 hour snow delay in the winter.

Woe to the parent who could not pick their kid up.

Free pass to get out of school early????
Can I get a woop, woop...

Wait, what? You can't come pick me up?

I drove over yesterday to pick my kids up around 12 and all I could think was, poor secretaries.

Parents lined up at the counter one by one and told them who they were there to pick up. If said child was in 6th grade or above, it was anyone's guess which classroom they would be in so these run-ragged women had to consult schedules and call around room by room over the intercom till they could locate the young person in question.

Course, when I sauntered up to the counter, I saw the poor woman's knees buckle.

"Who are you here to pick up?" she asked with a slight quaver to her voice.

"All of them" I replied sheepishly, yet with a fleck of humor glinting in my eyes.

They finally all arrived, and since we took up most of the floor space in the cramped office, everyone was pretty much glad to see us go.

Maybe I'll try little earlier today to beat the crowds....

If you click the button, maybe I'll pick you up early, too.
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